What Home Gym Equipment Should I Buy?

Often choosing from the vast array of home gym equipment options can be daunting, especially with the various claims made by so many manufacturers. Since I’ve personally performed my workouts at home since 1989, gaining 65 lbs of muscle and burning 55 lbs of fat naturally, I have decades of experience with choosing the proper home gym equipment that will provide reasonable quality, price and durability.

My first recommendation is to avoid entry level home gym equipment brands, as they are designed for the customer who wishes to purchase a home gym on December 31st, and will quit exercising on January 5th (assuming the equipment lasts until then!). Such fitness machines are constructed with the prime goal of keeping costs extremely low for the manufacturer, and they aim for customers who do not take exercise seriously. Such products do not provide years or even months (days??) of durability. In addition to nearly falling apart shortly after purchase, such home gym equipment actually detracts from the effectiveness of a given exercise, since the parts comprising the machine are of such low quality that the exercise often cannot be performed comfortably or correctly, and as strength increases, you will quickly meet the safety capacity of the machine, and it will need to be replaced.

Most need not opt for the opposite end of the spectrum, which are commercial grade fitness machines that are of very high quality, as such equipment carries an extreme price tag, and is designed for heavy use by multiple people per day (usually in a gym setting). Such equipment will rarely unexpectedly fail, and may even last a lifetime, but the tremendously high cost makes such an option out of reach for most.

You may be asking yourself whether a mid-point exist, where quality and durability are sufficient for serious, consistent workouts at home, at a price point that is compatible with most budgets. That is exactly the type of home gym equipment I offer here at the IncrediBody online store, as I was able to test various forms of exercise machines and fitness accessories for many years in pursuit of my own fat loss and muscle building goals, at home, and have found products that I feel comfortable recommending to those who are seeking a reliable home gym setup at a reasonable cost.

Whether you seek to merely lose weight and burn fat, or wish to build significant muscle mass or gain strength, the type of home gym equipment I offer here will provide you with years of trouble-free use.

If you need assistance in configuring the exact home gym equipment setup that will meet your specific goals, space limitations and budget restrictions, please contact us today, as Greg or I will be willing to help you choose the exact setup that will accommodate all of your body improvement objectives, and we will provide you with excellent pricing so you can feel confident and comfortable with your investment.

Lastly, the best fitness decision you will ever make in my estimation is to abandon the idea of joining a gym, instead purchasing fitness equipment so you can conveniently exercise without the hassle of standing in line waiting for machines or traveling a few days each week to a crowded fitness facility. Consistency, which is a requirement if you wish to achieve significant long term (permanent) results, is far more likely when you have the ability to perform your workouts in a location you can quickly and easily access, and over time, the investment you make in home gym equipment will cost you far less than a perpetual monthly gym fee. If you are serious about making a lifestyle change and transforming your body forever, then it is best to perform your workouts in the convenience of your own home.

Please feel free to browse the numerous home gym equipment options we offer here at the IncrediBody fitness store, and if you have any questions on exactly which home gym equipment you should purchase for your specific situation, please contact us, as we will be glad to help in any way necessary!